Ninety-eight percent of females tell me there’s one thing they LOATHE about males this is certainly also a deal-breaker.

This particular thing will DESTROY your chances of success with women.

Ladies LOATHE assertive men.

Cocky men try too difficult to impress.

Cockiness covers insecurity. Cockiness is actually low self-esteem switched outward and it is the actual antithesis of an assured, strong-man.

an assertive man attempts to win a female over at any cost – desiring the woman to consider he could be the the richest, best, hottest chubby pornstars, funniest guy during the universe.

Assertive guys typically chat over ladies and interrupt them, as they are thus active wanting to jump in with the very own viewpoint.

Do you feel threatened by smart, wise, witty women that can hold their very own?

Think about it, get honest right here!

Do you add females down (often in a jokey way plus in front side of others)? Can you help the woman visions, fantasies and targets?

Ladies LOATHE needing to stroke a man’s ego and also make them feel essential. They have been switched off by defiant, self-righteous males.


“after you develop self-confidence, I

pledge females will swarm you.”

Cocky vs confident.

Do you realize the difference? Positive, it is complicated and often it really is a subtle slim range.

Here is finished .: a self-confident man has actually an unshakable opinion within and possesses humility. A cocky guy provides an inflated ego and arrogant attitude because a distorted self-image. Get the photo?

A person that is confident will do effective listening with a female, exhibiting authentic desire for the woman life (while he features self-belief) and enabling the girl to get middle phase.

The guy appears the lady within the attention and displays sincerity, while he would like to build/maintain a powerful connection.

Don’t confuse cockiness with arrogance.

If you have produced these errors, then you need to develop new skills.

It will require time and energy to enhance yourself. However, once you develop confidence, poise and ideas into what a female wants and implement them, I guarantee you women will swarm for you this means that.

Annie’s 6 suggestions for being self-confident:

Guys, ever mistaken cockiness for self-confidence? Which tip do you find many helpful for enhancing this conduct?

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